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DIY Robo Car - Entrench Electronics

Sublime Integration of 3 Technologies

Smart phones are like an organ to us, starting from the different apps smart phones simplifies our day to day life. How about using smart phones to control your gadgets? Sounds Interesting Isn't it?

Androbot is a sublime integration of three most comonly used technologies, Android, Bluetooth and Micro Controllers. This is an intermediate course, in which you will learn about developing an android application and interfacing bluetooth with microcontroller.

When you mix different technologies alwaays wonders happens! Here you'll be mixing the most commonly used 3 technologies to create a prototype robot, you can mixup your ideas and turn this into a beautiful projects. For example, you can turn your smart phone in to a smart remote to control your home appliances. This course will help you to pump-up your creativity.

You can learn this course either online or by attending our offline training.

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Androbot - Entrench electronics

How to Join ?

You can learn this course either online, or by attending our offline trainings near you. In online training you'll get the live assitance, so that you can interact with the trainer and clear al the doubts on the spot. This course is suggested for Intermediate techno geeks!

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Androbot - Entrench electronics
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