Indian Education System

Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners

Hello Guys, Today India is facing many problems with its education system, Our education system needs improvement in several aspects as it is one of the important pillars of our infrastructure and economy too. Some of these are abolition of reservation criterion on the basis of caste or race as it violates Article 15(1) of The Indian Constitution, improvement in admission criterion,increment in practical knowledge and liberal interaction among students and mentors.


In our country,major portion of education means cramming all the specified syllabus, fill the examination sheets and get passed. This tradition reduces the probability of educated people to be placed in several practical fields. The time has come when our education curriculum must include updated topics like Embedded systems, IoT, Raspberry Pi and Robotics. Companies like Entrench Electronics are doing a remarkable job by delivering quality training programs on these topics and used to refine  themselves before time.


The quality of education is directly proportional to standard of teachers. Have a look at education system of America. According to them, “Without capable, high quality teachers in classrooms, no Education Reform  Effort can possibly succeed.” The core of education is teaching and learning and this connection works best when we have effective teachers working with every student everyday.


Nowadays, the major obstacles are commercialization of education, improper admission criterion especially for higher education. In the last two decades, the number of technical and other colleges offering different courses have been increased abruptly but their quality have become pitiable. This is the reason why only 25% of graduates in India get a good job. Maximum institutions are just selling degrees without giving any technical knowledge or general life skills to their students.

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