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Leaked Rumours of Apple iPhone 7

With all kind of different mobile manufacturing companies and their own variety of phones, iPhone has yet managed to be at the top of the chart. As we all know that iPhone 6 was released almost 6 months ago and enjoyed great appreciation. Apple iPhone 6 is the biggest iPhone ever, with the sharpest screen iOS in history. Now we all are eagerly waiting for iPhone 7 and have lots of questions in our mind like:

  • How iPhone 7 would look like?
  • What will be the new added features in it?
  • Will it be a successor to iPhone 6 in specifications?
  • What will be the screen size of it?

As Apple introduces a new iPhone every year so in 2015 we are sure to see iPhone 7 with much more features.

Rumours signify that Apple has decided to exclude the protruding camera and the volume buttons are moved to the right side of the phone which makes it easier to use.The circular home button may be removed from the device and the touchID will be embedded into the whole display which will eliminate the need of the home button. Sapphire glass being more durable than gorilla glass so Sapphire glass may be used for the display which minimizes scratching and could be the ideal material to use for a bigger screen.

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We all are hoping that may the camera of iPhone 7 be the best one in the history of Apple’s iPhone

Apple is pondering a bold new camera miniaturisation technology based on what it calls “a light splitter cube”.

As apple has recently acquired LinX for $20 million so hopefully they may introduce digital SLR kind of imagery in their upcoming iPhone 7 as LinX has revolutionised in making 3D camera sensors.

LinX‘s cameras are tiny, but the company claims they are a match for digital SLR cameras in performance terms. And their depth-sensing capabilities make them ideal for facial recognition and 3D-scanning, as well as post-shot refocusing. The display of iPhone 7 may be FULL HD 5 inch screen.Now the time gap involved does suggest that the smartphone will have anA9 processor and an M9 co-processor.

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Rumours say that the upcoming iPhone is going to bump the amount of RAM in iPhone line for the first time in 3 years i.e. from 1GB to 2GB. And this time apple is going to improve Force Touch capabilities. Force touch is the touch sensitive display technology which enables the device to differentiate between a tap and a press. This force touch can either be placed between the cover lens and the in cell touch panel or under the in cell touch panel back light.

Smartphone battery life is one of those thing that everyone wants improved as it is very important to everyone. But if we are looking for better battery life then it raises the chance of increase in weight which we are hoping to be just 114g or the cost may be significantly more.

The recent successful test of aluminium-graphite batteries that showed much more potential than age old lithium-ion based batteries does keep us in darkness as to whether Apple will introduce it in iPhone 7 or not. A bigger battery makes a smartphone heavier, cumbersome and less compelling. And it sounds like Apple is not going to sacrifice portability to make the iPhone 7 have a significantly better battery life.

This time Apple may introduce pre-installed sim!

There are many rumours for the upcoming apple’s iPhone 7 but according to many designers, wireless charging could be the reality this time around as it didn’t arrived with iPhone 6 as predicted.Wireless charging sounds amazing as all of us want to just get our phone charged by sitting several feet away from the plug.

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Apple hasn’t changed the design of iPhone for two generations so a slimmer and lighter iPhone 7 is expected.If there wouldn’t be any change in the design then it is going to be thicker than iPhone 6 and may have “Sidewall Display”. Apple has introduced a patent relating to such display on the side of the device,providing touch sensitive and interactive portion that gives slide to unlock functionality,music player control and much more.

Even though these information’s  are  reliable we need to wait till the release date.

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