Future of Energy Resource- Solar Power

Smart Energy with Smart Technology.


As we know that now a day’s electricity generation with solar panel is very famous and mostly used.

In this blog, I will aware you by the new technology which is very useful to utilize the maximum efficiency of sun light.


This technology is known as ROBOTIZED SOLAR TRACKER. By the solar tracker we can utilize the maximum efficiency of the sun. Solar tracker detects the sun light and then moves towards the sun light.

Now, I will discuss it in brief……..

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The goal of this venture is to control the position of a sun oriented board as per the movement of the sun. This venture is composed with the sun based boards, LDR, Comparator, Micro-controller, Stepper Motor and driving circuit.


In this venture three LDRs are settled on the sun based board at three unmistakable focuses. LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) changes with the resistance relying on the light fall. The fluctuated resistance is changed over into simple voltage flag. The simple voltage flag is then bolstered to the comparator. Comparator gets the three LDR voltage signals, analyzes them and proselytes them to relating computerized flag. At that point the changed over advanced flag is given as the contribution of the micro-controller.


Micro-controller gets the computerized flag and creates a yield which is bolstered to the driving circuit, the driving circuit drives the more extreme engine and intensifies the estimation of current, and an interfacing is given amongest micro-controller and stepper engine. The stepper engine in this way creates a mechanical yield which pivots the board.


At the point “when the LDR faculties the position of the greatest daylight, the board is turned toward that path and hence toward this path sun powered board will change over the sun based vitality into the relating electrical which charges the battery and in this way the procedure proceeds.”

The robotized sun tracker plans to takes care of all the vitalities issues of the present and the future utilizing sun powered board which pivots as per the sun’s position, consequently engrossing most extreme measure of sun’s vitality and separating the vitality for valuable purposes like electrical vitality that can be utilized at home or streetlights and blockade lights can utilize this system for consistent power era.

Every one of these gadgets works best when confronting direct daylight, which is a trouble because of the turn of the earth. So a gadget needs to turn these types of gear toward direct daylight. A sun based tracker is a gadget which turns toward the path where most extreme daylight falls. It is more productive regarding vitality change giving a proficiency of around 35% to 40% when utilized on a huge business scale.


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