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Robotics/IOT Lab Setup

In the process of setting up Robotics Lab, which will be a part of the existing Computer Lab of school,
will offer the following:
Teachers’ Training Program:
One comprehensive Teacher’s Training Program (Mandatory Training): Our certified trainers will conduct this program in the school premises. Three/four teachers nominated by the school would undergo a three day long (15 hours) training program which includes
Course content – The teachers are taught the ideology of learning through robotics and how the principles of science and math in theory can be applied practically through robotics.
The hardware – The teachers are given through hands - on - training on the robotic platform which includes building robots, followed by testing and the pedagogical approach to touch science.
Delivery of content – The teachers are taken through a process of learning to deliver the content. This approach of empowerment helps in developing confidence in the teachers as well as getting them accustomed to the training technique.
Learning Material - Entrench Electronics will provide User manuals, Power Point Presentation, Data sheet, videos & software guides to the school.

Service & Replacement
Kit repair can be a large investment, especially if it’s your major component that break down or require frequent maintenance. After the Robotics lab setup, Entrench will provide you two free visits in first month(Product Testing Period) for proper installation of lab.In the duration of First month, If you will find any damaged component then Entrench will provide you the replacement.
After completing the Product Testing Period, Entrench will provide you the service of Entrench Development Board only for next three months.
There is no replacement for motors, chassis, wheels, Arduino Board and other components. If school wants to replace than company will charge the component cost and service fee. 

Terms and Conditions:
1. Payment: 50% payment in advance against the purchase order.
2. Delivery: Within 6 weeks after receipt of payment.
3. All the licensed material (Hardware, course content) to be used only for the students of the school.
4. The Travel, Lodging/Boarding for the trainers to be borne by the school/college
5. Taxes and octroi Extra as applicable extra.